Pressure Jockey Pumps & Controllers

Jockey Pump controllers are built to NEMA industrial standards and are UL508 listed and ETL Certified. These controllers are intended for use with fire pump systems.

Jockey pumps are small, motor driven pumps used in conjunction with main fire pumps to compensate for minor leaks in the fire protection system and automatically maintain stand-by pressure. This reduces wear on the main pump and controller caused by unnecessary, frequent operation.

Jockey Pump Controllers are available for across-the-line starting of the Jockey pump. Manual operation (Hand), by a Hand-Off-Auto selector switch, is independent of the pressure switch system. In Automatic operation (Auto), the Jockey Pump starts based on pressure. The pressure switch cut-in point is usually set approximately 10psi higher than that of the main controller to cause the Jockey Pump to operate first. In the event of a fire, the system pressure will drop further to start the main pump.

Our standard Jockey Pump Controller includes: a Motor Starter Protector (MSP) with adjustable overload relays and external reset, a Hand-Off-Auto switch, and a diaphragm type pressure switch.

The standard pressure switch has a range of 30-300psi, a maximum working range of 350psi, a proof pressure of 600psi, and is suitable for fresh water. This pressure switch is mounted inside the enclosure.

The standard enclosure for our Jockey Pump Controller is a NEMA 3R enclosure painted with a red baked enamel finish. Built to NEMA standards

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